Alberta R Stafford and Thomas Stafford, and Bobby the cow

The name is gone but not forgotten: D'awfoskee Island - meaning sharp or pointed feather, is located in South Carolina.

It's one of several small barrier sea Islands in the low country. Located right across from the shores of Hilton Head Island and north of Savannah, Georgia. Daufuskie Island is and has always been accessible only by boat or emergency helicopter pad. Our timeline dates back as far as.7,000 BC when the oldest arrowhead was found. Around 1860 Daufuskie was divided into eleven plantations. Between 1893-1903 Maggioni & Company oyster cannery was big business with many African American Gullah native men, women and young adults. Deh picked and shucked dah oysters frum dah shores of Daufuskie's. In 1917 boll weevil came to the Island and infested the cotton crops. The last midwife delivered her last baby (boy) on the Island in 1969. The telephone lines were laid in 1972 for the first call to be made from the Island. Throughout the years many Daufuskie Gullah natives left for a better education and employment as the Island changes could not meet their needs. As the elders grew older, some stayed and farmed their land while others left for other or better opportunities. Today Daufuskie has a fire department, one restaurant for the moment, one gas station, a private golf course, and a ferry that runs seven days a week.

Surely as the tide changes, the sun rises and sets, and changes continue to come and go.

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Daufuskie Island Gullah Heritage Society is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that is working to help restore the old Gullah homes, clean up and maintain Gullah cemeteries on Daufuskie Island. 

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